• Zhejiang Zhigao all new series drill machines and compressors in 2018 Bauma China
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    ZEGA Machinery will show off its all new series of drill machines and compressors during Bauma Shanghai starting November 27th, 2018. ZEGA has an indoor 450 sqm show space with more than 10 different types of all new machine series,including excellent import substitute products such as three and two boom jumbos and the surface drill machines for green mining, etc. With solid technical strength,quality and service speak volume for customer market approval! The new series will certainly catch all eyes from the audience attending!

    Feature I:New product series

    During 2018 Bauma Shanghai, many all new products of ZEGA on display, including the following three series:

    A. Underground equipment:single,two and three boom jumbos plus bolting jumbo

    B. Surface equipment:separated,small integrated and integrated automatic drill machines

    C. Screw Compressors:Portable series

     Feature II  Large indoor show place


      ZEGA booth # Hall W5 - 130

     ZEGA events schedule


    Meeting Room:W4-M6

    Meeting Schedule:

    Nov. 27, 14:00-15:30 

    New surface drill product launch and introduction

    Nov. 28, 14:00-15:30   

    Underground New product launch and introduction

     ZEGA may announce other activities and surprises during the show and please watch out.

    See you all at Shanghai Bauma soon!

    Friendly reminder;

    According to the same period of 2017,the temperatures were between 8℃~16℃,on the cold side;please make sure bring enough clothes and be prepared.

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